Web Security


Are your web site protected?
It is any weird traces on your web server logs?
Are you use best security tools to protect your data?
This is why we recommend for large projects use Drupal CMS,
which has enterprise level security and been recognized by top government

Beside higher level of security,
Drupal has additional features and functions
which is required by many corporate web sites.
Wordpress is been more appropriate for small to medium size web sites.
And it’s security level been improving for last few years. Is a crucial to
keep both CMS up to date and follow certain steps to protect your online data
from hackers attacks.

Cyber Security by CMS

If you running company web server,
back up server software, database and web sites content constantly,
on the regular basis and keep copies in different safe places.
It never “too many” copies of your back up data. If worse case scenario happened,
and you have no data saved, it may cost you time and money to restore it.
It may even cost you your business.